söndag 14 december 2008

Self Realization

I have been thinking (for a change). I have always wondered why so many people at some stage in life start doubting that they are they! This doubt seems to inspire them to start looking for their true selves in order to find out who they really are. But what do they expect to find? After all we are the results of a myriad of influences. There is no such thing as our genuine egos. The nearest we can possibly come is the very moment we were delivered into the world. The moment after we were already subject to influences. So what are they looking for? Has anybody ever found him/herself? No, of course not! In fact if there is a reason to think that there is a true self somewhere the presupposition is that the present is not ones true self. Concequently, if one finds ones true self somewhere that person will logically be somebody else. And if it is somebody else, then that is not you! So I wonder why people put time, feelings and effort in trying to find somebody else when we can find millions of other people around us without the slightest effort.

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