torsdag 26 juni 2008


This first posting is a dedication to a very special woman whose name is Arlene. She has written thousands of poems. It's a shame that she keeps them to herself, although I have been blessed with some of them. Every little daily happening, which we, normal people, would not even notice, she turns into a wonderful harmonious and melodic poem. I don´t understand them all but then, I am not supposed to. A true poet does not write for other people. A true poet writes whatever pops up in the mind. It is like people who have a mysterious handwriting which can only be read by themselves.

She is also a great pianist. Music and poetry goes hand in hand, a perfect combination. I envy people who play an instrument. It's an extra dimension in life. Add the ability to write poetry and there will always be comfort to any problem or sadness . Why do I write this? Well, I write this because I have only met this woman and her piano playing great husband twice and feel that I have known them for ever. Arlene also happened to be the first person to react to my information that I would start this blog. Thanks Arlene!

torsdag 19 juni 2008

The beginning of Free Speech

Hi everybody!

In this blog I intend to publish my thoughts about the importance of communication. I will invite your personal stories and experiences.