måndag 1 december 2008

Chewing gum is a weight gainer!

I have been pinching mentol chewing gum from my daughter lately. I thought this would be a perfect way to always have a fresh breath without paying for it. She made it quite clear that she did not appreciate it in the way only a self confident teenager can. So I started to buy some. And then more. And after only a week I was adicted to chewing gum! Absolutely no problem, I thought, until I stepped on to the scale. For a year my weight has varied between 75 and 76. Judge of my surprise when I read 78,5. Three kilos up in one single week!

So what could be the reason other than the chewing gum? I beleive that the chewing has mislead my stomac to beleive that some food was on the way. Then, when my stomac realized that it had been taken for a ride it revolted and demanded nuitrition. That´s when my brain got the signal and made me walk to the refridgerator a lot more often than I normally do. So to all of you who are gum chewers and are upset that you are gaining weight, just stop chewing!

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