lördag 29 november 2008

What´s wrong with people?

Every four years we have elections in Sweden. The present government has spent appr two of them to re-establish some credibility which was lost during the former social democratic government. This government has successfully focused on producing jobs and strengthen the state reserves for possible worse times to come. That time has now come. The leftish parties now shout their guts out prompting the government to spend it with the speed of light. They insist on spending funds which would not even have been available if they had been in charge. Why? Well, it would already have been spent into a state deficit BEFORE the downturn in the economy. This downturn is however not a normal downturn, it is a global free fall, the strength of which is not even in our history books. The history is being written right now for the coming generations to hopefully learn from in business schools.So what do the left parties expect? Do they expect the Swedish economy to florish while the rest of the world goes bust? Let´s be grateful that we have a responsible government who has planned in advance and not given in to the demands from spoilt children. The reserves should be spent, but spent with care and good judgement. Children do not and should not always get what they want!

fredag 28 november 2008

Continental European Speech Contest Final

Professional Speech Coach Paul van der Vliet speaking for an audience of 220 in the grand final of the Continental Europe Humorous Speech Contest arranged by Toastmasters District 59, a sub district of Toastmasters International www.toastmasters.org,. Participants must have won club contest, area contest, division contest to compete in the Euopean final.